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What is Eco kourasani: Eco kourasani is a natural traditional finish plaster, better known as Roman Mortar (kourasani in ancient greek), completely safe for the human health and friendly for the environment, with excellent hydraulic and mechanical properties, ideal for bio - climatic buildings. Thanks to its natural earthy tones, needs no painting, drastically reducing the cost of construction and the maintenance costs at a later stage.

About the Ingredients of Eco kourasani: Eco kourasani is based on historical Plasters from the ancient Greek (Minoan), Roman and Byzantine times and consists of colored sand, argile powder, pumice, natural pozzolans and other natural ingredients, from Greek quarries and volcanos, that give it extra durability, while making it weather and water resistant and practically unwearable. Read More ...

What makes the Eco kourasani superior: Let the ancient Minoan and Roman structures, which stand for more than 2000 years, speak for durability. Eco kourasani is 8 times stronger than the usual plaster, it costs 2 to 3 times less, does not contain poisonous chemicals, allows the buildings to "breath", resists corrosion, moisture, extreme weather conditions (humidity, frost, sea salt), is cold and heat proof, never peels off. Thanks to its natural earthy shades it needs no painting, becoming even more cost efficient.  Read More ...

Eco kourasani is available in more than 30 natural vibrant shades. Please, view the Color Chart

Eco kourasani is very easy to apply as any finish plaster.
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